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Selection of comments and opinions on Ariane Bilheran's articles

On the relationship between a paranoid parent and his children.

(Article from December 2016)


I don't have any questions, just to tell you that your article recounts in minute detail the minutes of my childhood with a father, who was extremely paranoid (and myopathic). I don't understand why I didn't die, in prison or in HP. Even on his deathbed where he "disinherited" me (lol: he had actually done it before) because I didn't want to obey him by disconnecting his oxygen hose... So, I think that there are beings of light from the Source of all life who watch over us. Your work is all the more fabulous as it is linked to one of the greatest painful madnesses I know. Thank you Ariane for the light you bring to our humanity. »

LP, December 2016.

“Your article “On the relationship between a paranoid parent and his children” is truly liberating, as it accurately puts the words to a suffering that has simmered since childhood, a thousand thanks. »

Elisabeth M., June 2017.


"I find out from your articles that I'm not crazy but that I grew up with a paranoid mother...I don't know what you advise children who have grown up with a paranoid mother...Because I have the feeling of not even having to rebuild myself but building myself... I want to repair the damage that is "repairable"... So I am taking your advice. »

BS, February 2018.


"Just to say thank you... Thank you writers for talking about these...devastating topics"

Solène F., October 2019.

" Madam,

I have just read your article "On the relationship between a paranoid parent and his children", you have described my life.  (...) In short, I thank you very much for your blog , your articles have done me a lot of good.  Thank you very much for your work, it's great to shed light on these situations. »
Annie L., January 2020.

On the relations between the parents during separation in the case where one of the two parents is paranoid.

(Article from February 2017)

"Madam, I have just read your article "On the relationship between a paranoid parent and his children", you have described my life (...) In short, I thank you very much for your blog, your articles which have does crazy good. Thank you very much for your work, it's great to shed light on these situations. »

Annie T., April 2017.

“I am in the process of discovering the results of your research and I particularly like their precision and rigor. »

Lucien R., September 2017.


“You are a fairy, you come, with this article, to explain, analyze more than 6 years of family hell and 8 years of child protection proceedings following my separation. Every detail described in your article was our sad reality. Justice is totally incompetent in the face of this style of madness. I was finally able to be heard, but I had to fight a fight without giving up and face the worst things about me. It doesn't matter: saving your children is priceless. I sincerely thank you with all my heart for your commitment, for your risk taking to explain the inexplicable. You are a being sent from heaven to shed light on what needs to be revealed. Our archaic legal system is still on the time that the family is represented by a dad and a mom without considering if one of the parents is toxic and does not play his part. A world upside down. Thanks again and again for being you. I kiss you, my benevolent saviour. »

CM, January 2018.


The sham of “sexual rights” and “sex education”

(Article from March 2017)

"Congratulations, Doctor, on analyzing this totalitarian Orwelian manipulation!" The pseudo scientistic confusionism of the editors of these paedocriminals does not simply deserve to be denounced as you do with the rigor of your discernment, but also to legally immobilize these dangerous individuals and the organizations which validate these nauseous perverts! This new totalitarian dictatorship is absolutely mind-blowing! Thank you for your critical, relevant lucidity, which denounces all the distortions that validate all the madness of the most twisted and criminal "humans"! Unconditional support hoping that your professional colleagues, magistrates,... participate with lucid citizens in these execrable texts! »

VP, April 2017.

"It's sickening. They want to pervert the children; they started via the media. They pervert us so insidiously that we lose our bearings. We must fight against this perversion, this manipulation and protect our children. Bravo for your courage to denounce and warn us of what is going on. A big thank-you. »

LR, June 2017.


“Excellent analysis, thank you for your expression. »

Lucien P., August 2017.


“I hope that your commitment will continue and that your voice will be heard, taken into account and followed. Thanks for what you do ! »

Claire D., November 2017.


“Thank you, Madame Bilheran, for this highly salutary work, the hour is extremely serious. »

Aline F., April 2018.


“Thank you and especially congratulations, madam. »

Jean-Pierre L., May 2018.


“Bravo for your URGENT warnings about the aberrations of these standards! Founder of the "Respect Youth Love" movement, I absolutely seek the support of people like you to reverse this current ideological trend that is so toxic for our young people. I have worked for more than 20 years in the field of EVRAS, and constantly observe the perverse effects of this social discourse. Thanks for your help !!! see Respect Youth Love Facebook page. »

Cl. H., September 2018.


“Your approaches to harassment, sexuality education, relationship to authority are subjects that are essential. I don't know how to support your work, to act in the direction of training and information, both at the level of professionals and of parents and children. »

PE, December 2018.


“It is thanks to you and a few rare other people that I find the courage to speak openly about such serious subjects. And the discussions are often well received... So please don't doubt the extraordinarily positive repercussions of your work.

To end in all sincerity, I must tell you that I pray for you in all confidence, so that you may be protected and in Peace.

With all my respect and gratitude. »

M.-JM, February 2019.

“I did not know your work and your work. I heard your interview on Youtube and it's wonderful, you put words on what I felt without saying it. full of hope and very beautiful explanations, enough to regain our power with dignity! thank you you raise the level! »
MD, November 17, 2020.

“Hello, I would just like to say thank you foryour interventions in the videos. I just discovered you recently. I am an educator specializing in child protection and I will soon become head of service. I am particularly sensitive to the various subjects that you develop and reassured that there are psychologists able to dare to position themselves on subjects which today remain taboo. Continue your efforts with courage.
Thanks again. »
Daniel S., November 19, 2020.


New start

(Article from August 2019)


“What a wonderful message.

Thanks Ariane. I am very moved by your testimony. I totally agree with you on how you feel. I wanted to thank you and thank life for having made our meeting possible when I was ready I think. You have brought me so much... Often I reread the notes and small sentences that I took during our consultations. You were the angel I needed at that time.

Thank you to exist. You are precious. Take care

I also wish you protection and peace of heart and soul. »

Paule G., October 2019.


The paranoid moment (the totalitarian surge)
in the face of the dialectic of master and slave

(Article from August 2020)

“Hello, I have just read your last article and thank you for your approach, reflection and depth. »

LP, August 2020.


I wanted to show you my immense admiration and my infinite gratitude. 

Your article, The paranoid moment (the totalitarian surge) faced with the dialectic of master and slave, is brilliant. »

IT, August 2020.

“Hello, your articleThe paranoid momentwas shared on Facebook and I just saw it. I only read the beginning, interrupted by the need I quickly felt to thank you warmly. The introductory paragraph that a human being is no means brought tears to my eyes. I hope the whole article is not like this. »

FH, August 2020.


" Cheer ! This analysis is very well written and accessible. Allow me to publish it. »

Marc D., August 2020.


“Madam, I have just read your article entitledThe paranoid moment. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing it and for having so intelligently and insightfully expressed such great truths. I myself am stunned by the turn that events keep taking and in the face of great inner suffering because of the powerlessness in which I feel to act intelligently and constructively to stem the totalitarian movement that is currently sweeping the world. Thank you again for your insight which puts such fair words on what some of us feel without knowing where or how to express it. Articles like yours give hope in the wonder of life that is the human being when he authentically rises to this rank. Fraternally. »

P., August 2020.


“Thank you, Ariane, for this complete and masterful text. You put words on some of my feelings, and thoughts, as Jean Ferrat did at a certain time. You, the poets, the "real" Philosophers, are there to concretize our feelings of life. »

DV, September 2020.

"Hello, I don't have a question but thanks to give you: thank you, you express what I feel since I was a teenager (after having read a lot of SF) and that I have seen so little by little confirm . So, thank you for your clarifications, your advice... Thank you for everything. Sincerely. »

MZ, September 2020.

“I just want to thank you for sharing your thoughts and the openness it allows. Your article brings me a lot and brings to light a feeling that I did not know how to express clearly. Sincerely. »

Stéphane L., September 2020.

“This is the most brilliant article I have read in 9 months on COVID and over 1000 reads. »

RS, September 2020.

“I want you to know that your article circulates a lot in France and inspires a lot of people, including therapists like me. A whole people is up. Will it be enough in the face of fear, blindness and various inertias. We have to move on without knowing the answer to this question. I subscribed to your newsletter. Together we will be stronger :-). Take care and see you soon. »

LM-J., October 2020.


“Hello Ariana. Many thanks for your article:The paranoid moment (the totalitarian surge) faced with the dialectic of master and slavewhich I have just reread, and which I am beginning to distribute, with caution. I liked your very broad vision (large zoom out) and very fair: the psychological, socio, political analysis, your lucidity, your humanity, your what to do, the place of emotions, love, spirituality. Thank you for being like this. Hats off. Gratitude and blessing. »

TM, October 2020.

“Thank you very much for your article of August 31 on the dialectic of master and slave. I liked your way of entering the subject and putting the pieces of the puzzle in their context. The next stage of the tidal wave should be the "great Reset" announced by the World Economic Forum. The winter will be long. »

MS, October 2020.


“Thank you for your beautiful, complete and clear article “The paranoid moment” You are an inspiration. Nice continuation in our crazy collective adventure! »

SD, October 2020.

"Thank you very much for your article "the paranoid moment...". In my measure I transmit the return to its inner security and to its divinity. This is what I call becoming an autonomous Human Being. Your article comforts me, even comforts me. »

MT, October 21, 2020


“Your analysis on corona-events is perfect. It is, in words, the same perfection in marble, of a statue: “Il disinganno“, by Francesco Queirolo. Do you know it? »

AL, October 26, 2020

“Hello, just to thank you for this article! It brings a lot of water to my mill and is beautifully understandable. Best wishes ! »

VL, October 28, 2020

“Hello, thank you for your brief which I fully share.... What is at work today is extremely serious and comes under the same mechanisms as those used by the Nazis. Being a health professional but not in the field of psychology, I appreciate your wise advice which gives meaning to what I was doing intuitively.... May the light win! I'm sure...”

KP, November 04, 2020

“Hello, I had the chance to discover you a few months ago thanks to Silvano Trotta.
I loved your text"The paranoid moment (the totalitarian surge) faced with the dialectic of master and slave". In this world gone mad, I had to bring youat leastmy support via these few words and the few € of a book. Thank you for what you do, bring your insights from a philosophical and psychological point of view and thank you for your commitment.

Like a number of more and more "whistleblowers" you are helping us to "wake up" and I believe that the mission is very difficult. A day will come when much of humanity will open their eyes wide and understand how we got here. And you will have done your part.

I hope this email will reach your eyes and that it is not just a technical email for your newsletters. If it were read by one of your collaborators, I hope that he will pass it on to you.
Good continuation, take care of yourself. »
MB, December 30, 2020.


Interview with Ariane Bilheran on
"Totalitarianism and the choice of the heroic life"

(Article from October 2020)

“A simple thank you for your work. I discovered you in the interview with Pierre Barnerias for his film Hold-up. I really liked everything you said: oh how true. Carry on with your work and analysis as you do so well. It's fantastic and people like you are needed. »

Philippe, Paris 15, February 19, 2021

"I am just admiring I find your writings your fascinating interventions and I want to thank you for it. »

Miriam, November 1, 2020


“Good evening, I watched your interview with Pierre Barnérias with great interest and then listened to an interview on RCF. I have just purchased your book to encourage you in the dangerous fight you are leading. I have no doubt that it will be very interesting. Best regards. »

Eric, November 5, 2020


“I have no questions. I am just filled with GRATITUDE and deep RESPECT reading your article. I really understand better why it is so difficult for me to make understand these truths to all these people who are "AFRAID" and are in constant denial. THANK YOU for being so clear, concise, precise. Thank you for being in my life. Please help me see better how I can help. »

Benoit R., November 5, 2020


“Hello, I have just seen your interview, I find that your remarks and your being touch the Divine. A Big BRAVO, with all my LOVE I wish you the best as well as to all your loved ones. »

Philippe C., November 6, 2020


“Hello Ariana. I have been listening to and reading you for some time. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for these evils that you put into words and which allow me to understand why I feel deep inside me a cry of alarm but which does not seem to be shared. I feel bad for all these people who are manipulated and "murdered". Thank you from the bottom of my heart. »

Diane R., November 9, 2020

“Hello, nothing very original. A journey of 25 years has allowed me to move forward in the healing of a wide range of psychiatric calamities whose sources are quite varied. Today, it is the world which in a certain way potentiates, brutally, its perpetual illness - or its morbid atavism. Rare are the voices, lucid and argued, which make it possible to clearly decode the many symptoms of this authoritarian outbreak. I recently had the pleasure of discovering yours. It's so good to feel less alone in front of the army of obedient people in Stockholm syndrome mode. Good for you. »

Emmanuel R., November 11, 2020.

“Hello, I discovered you following your interview with Pierre Barnerias. Your words made me move towards an awareness of a state that did not want good. Your experience and your courage bring words where nothingness arises. Thank you. »
Jérôme B., November 16, 2020.

“Thank you very much for your intervention about the documentary Hold-up. This is how I was able to meet you and discover this admirable quote from Dostoievsky on your site. »

Sincerely. »
FB, November 19, 2020.

"Hello Ariane, The "conspiratorial" chance puts a video on my way (Totalitarianism and the choice of a heroic life - Interview with Pierre Barnérias) in which you appear. I had put a post on my facebook page a few weeks ago: what if... our governments took as a criterion the good of the populations rather than the economy followed by others and if... I was surprised to to see how the thought of my few readers was limited to a like or one or the other form of abandonment or resignation.
I followed "your" video and I really liked your analysis. What you are explaining seems reasonable and grounded to me, especially since you are talking about elements that are essential for me at the end of the interview: life is sacred. In any case, I live it in the search for the sacred. I play music, I write. And it is the encounter with the sacred that animates my intellectual, spiritual and emotional life. Since the first confinement, I started to change things: I was able to afford to stop working. I now take care of my material autonomy and that of thought. I care about fluidity, I don't care about the media I've worked for all my life. And I agree with you: not being able to touch your friends, your children, the "old people" is serious, is unworthy. It is for me a crime against humanity or rather against Humanity. Bill Gates, still and always he, figures at the head of a series of people whose discourse seems to me to be incompatible with life in its noble sense. I could write you a book as you inspire me. But I'm not going to monopolize your time unless you answer me. I would therefore like to thank the professional that you are: I see that you have written a number of books, some of which seem to interest me. I would also like to thank the person that you are. What I saw of you touched me and pleased me a lot. You seem like a "healer" and I really like that. I wish you a great day. »
Marc M., November 19, 2020.

" Madam. I have just seen your intervention on the pandemic which affects all of humanity and I totally agree with your vision of this problem. »

SG, November 19, 2020

“Dear Dr. Bilheran,

Bravo for your wonderful "Totalitarianism and the choice of the heroic life", and thank you! »
Thierry M., November 23, 2020.

“Thank you Ariane.  Your articles are always extremely thorough and fascinating. »

FP-B., June 22, 2021


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