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Guestbook: consultations

“  I never forget your sentence: when one is honest, one suffers in a perverse environment.

I regularly reread the notes I took during our sessions.

You are an extraordinary, extraordinary therapist.

Very unfortunate that your standard is not the standard.


ML, May 2005.

“  This is a big decision and a big step: therapy ends tonight. I feel back on track, and I can move forward on my own with my new and old tools (yoga and shamanism). It's difficult and easy at the same time. It's hard to "leave" the one who has helped, carried, supported and never judged you. But it's also easy because there is no dependency. Above all, I feel immense gratitude that resonates in me like an inner joy. This path made together has opened many doors, little by little this distended and fine thread which connected me to my soul is expanding, consolidating and nourishing me.

I wish you may know the joy of reaping the seeds you have sown with tenderness in this lifetime.

With all my affection, as a patient, and as a woman. »

Lucie G., June 2006.

“ Hello Ariane,

I've wanted to give you my news for a very long time, but I always put it off.

After leaving your office (reluctantly), I did a few sophrology sessions.

And then something clicked inside me.

After starting with you to go back to my family roots, I felt very small compared to the world, to humanity, and I wanted to understand where I came from, not me, but the being human that I am.

I bought books, and also relying on sites, I worked on mythology, prehistory, religions and especially the history of art.

I didn't know anything about art, but I was hooked right away: books on painting, sculpture, architecture, painters' biographies, French history and others...

Then, philosophy and psychology.

Today, I devote most of my free time and leisure to learning (readings, documentaries, museum visits, conferences...).

I realized that I had big shortcomings, that I had wasted half my life in trivialities and frivolities.

We can't go back, but becoming aware of it has allowed me to evolve towards another way of thinking and way of living.

Today, I am less afraid of aging, because when I have more free time, I will be able to deepen my knowledge, travel, attend conferences, visit museums...

I am less afraid of death because I have accepted the fact that death is part of life.


You helped me get out of my maze, you were my "breadcrumb trail" and I thank you for that.

You allowed me to acquire the autonomy necessary to continue my path of life.

I am not completely cured of my "demons", it happens to me from time to time to make compulsive purchases, but I do not censor myself: the human being is dependent on his passions and his impulses.

I learn to love myself as I am, I am less in search of the love of others and I can be alone without being anxious, on the contrary, I am good with myself, and suddenly I select the people I want to spend time with.

It's less easy to accept others as they are, I still have work to do on that.

I don't know if you remember the sentence my mother used to tell me when I was a child (and even after): "I can't see you either in nature or in painting" AND it's painting that m put me on the path to my Re-birth. »

Claire G., April 2007.

“For information, Ariane Bilheran, Dr. in psychopathology and specialist in pathologies of power, (incidentally referenced on the list of Souffrance & Travail by Marie Pezé) was for me an angel without whom I would no longer be in this world.

This woman who gave me, with great gentleness, respect, intelligence and courage, all the tools to save me and never abandoned me throughout this difficult work. »

Alice M., May 2007.

“  I wonder what I would have become if the therapy, with you, had not revealed all this to me.

I believe you are very important to me, and to many others. »

S.T, September 2007

“  Thank you Ariane. I often say: "without you and me... I wouldn't be the person I am". »

Adrien J., February 2008.

« Hello doctor

Thank you very much 

Thank you for everything ...

I have to insure for myself 

For my son 

For you 

For humanity 

Thank you for giving me hope and solutions 

You are an angel in matter!

Do you know? »

GL, March 2008.


“  I never fail to remind the people I talk to how much your contact has given me. I'm going to buy your book right away. Thanks again. »

Henri K., May 2008.

“  Thank you for everything you have done for me. You have both helped me and done me good. »

Melanie G., June 2008.

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