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Action in Colombia:
Fundación Las Raíces de las Piedras / La Posada de Paco


In April 2020, Ariane Bilheran launched a collection action tohelp the Colombian population with food in the face of severe and long confinementswhich were not economically viable in an often day-to-day and informal economy. Additionally, we had to deal withmany abandoned street animals, which we fed, cared for, housedfor some, without ever failing in our commitment to feed them every day.










Ariane is a volunteer for a small neighborhood foundation that does not receive aid and tries to do with the means at hand.

The first half of 2021 was very heavy, with 2.5 months of general strike at the national level, following restrictions, confinements and other political measures, having led to an economic disaster that was difficult to bear (and little publicized), we now had to face inflation (from 10 to 110% of prices), and shortages.

We had to deal with cases of child malnutrition, one of which led to death when the child was intubated at the clinic.


Some dog and cat food brands are no longer available, and prices have tripled since 2020, for food and some medications (when available).













Today, we are unable to raise enough recurrent funds to help us feed street animals, the number of which varies between 200 and 300.
People keep abandoning their animals, we need to get them back into shape, as well as rapid sterilizations, for which we also need funds. And that’s not counting surgeries. We make choices to keep certain animals at home, helping their masters with food bags.

We want to continue to help people with food, primarily for:

  • single and unemployed mothers,

  • children,

  • People with Disabilities,

  • elderly people without pensions.


We set up a sponsorship program, if you wish to sponsor a young person for his studies for example. Our first sponsorship was that of a young unemployed single mother, who was able to resume her studies as a nursing assistant, thanks to the sponsorship of a French woman in Paris. She has obtained her diploma and will be able to get out of poverty.

Please contact us if you are interested in this subject (this can also help with the purchase of school supplies for children, the purchase of a wheelchair for disabled children, etc.).


Thank you for your help, whatever it is, a little nothing is a huge everything for us, and the small recurring helps make the bed of the big rivers. Your help helps to sow hope, and to curb misery, malnutrition and lack of care due to lack of means, funds and resources.

Thanks to your donations in 2021 and 2022, we have managed to perform miracles. You can read  the activity reports

Activity report 2021

Activity report 2022


With this money :

  1. We are preparing basic food markets for families with no income, prioritizing families where there are pregnant women, young children, the disabled and the elderly.set

  2. We feed and care for street animals, monthly cost up to 3000 euros, not counting those taken in shelter/adoption. Animal feed has increased. We deworm them, treat them, strengthen them and sterilize them.

We are all volunteers.

With all my heart,
Ariane, Nora, Luisa, Terry and all the other volunteers.

To help us:

Receipts can be issued by the foundation for those who wish; please let us know in the email.



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