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Guestbook: books


« I learned a lot with your 2006 book, it was recommended to me by a university professor as a reference. »

Luc L., November 2006.

“Thank you again for the incredibly true-to-life illumination of your writings. ”

Marie G., January 2007.

“  I finally have time to really read your book,moral harassment, which I do carefully, I come to two thirds and your work is truly exceptionally great... »

J.-P. C, January 2007.


“ Good evening Madame Bilheran, I wanted to thank you warmly. I received your book and it is very useful in my situation. Harassment is unfortunately too little known and your work has the merit of shedding light on this scourge. Thanks again. ”

Camille S., March 2007.

" I read your book Le harassement moral and I finally understand why I was the victim and the pathology of my harasser ( was built a group of accomplices). This knowledge and understanding gives me a feeling of fullness and a desire to fully experience my joys. THANK YOU for your work. »

Claude H., September 2007.

" Madame Bilheran, "Do you realize the degree of perversion of our societies?" has the same effect on me as the "Are you aware of the fragmentation of your existences?" of Krishnamurti, which you have chosen to introduce your bookmoral harassment, at Armand Colin. And the rest of your email reminds me of the rest of the quote. And this link that gives meaning makes me want to imagine the soul of modern society. And even to give it a consciousness, and an existence. In this schema, the fragmentation of existence would indeed be generalized perversion. The breaking up of "the structure of his thought" would become disorder in relation to the normal order of things. But what could be "the total field of consciousness" of a society, of humanity ?! How beautiful it must be, a society that perceives the total field of its consciousness! I would like to know… also know what consciousness is on the scale of a society.

In any case, it gives me lots of ideas for interactions between oneself and society. »

J. LC, February 2008.

“I have just started your book and passed it on to my friends in the Family Constellations group who have also done my psychopathology training.

I also recommend it every day to people I accompany. »

Julie D., March 2018.



“  Looking at people's reactions, I realize that you are taking great risks and that you are full of courage. ”

Alain I., April 2017.

“ Thank you for all you do and thank you for your books, I know how painful your work is! ”

IP, May 2017.

“  Good evening Ariane. I would like to salute you for your work and above all for your great courage. I know you need support. This is why, know that on my side - even before having read your last book - I am working to wake up my contemporaries, my relatives, my students (I am a philosophy teacher).

I remain modestly at your disposal if ever my services can be useful to you.

Stay strong and stay the course!! »

J.-P., July 2017.

"  In our latitudes our president announces "I owe nothing to anyone", smiles, hands, come what will... Your psychological acuity and your intellectual efforts are rare, therefore precious, thank you for this transmission. I order your latest book. »

Claire S., October 2017.

« Hello Ariane I ordered your bookThe sham of sexual rights, and I confess I devour it!

Defending a noble cause is hard in a corrupt world... »

KR, November 2017.

“ I have seen the attacks you are undergoing, which is why I wanted to express my gratitude to you for your work, your actions and my encouragement. ”

Franck J., November 2017.

" Hello, I am not absolutely expecting an answer because I am well aware that you must receive countless messages, but I really wanted to congratulate you for the immense work you are doing and for the fight you lead with regard to what he comes up against. It is a very great courage that you share. Know that many of us benefit from your teachings, they help to raise awareness about the seriousness of what is happening in France and Europe, THANK YOU for that. »

Aline F., January 2018.

“  I wanted to salute your courage. I'm just readingKinsley, the dark side of the sexual revolution, by Dr Judith Reisman and I discover you on a video at the same time. Bravo for your public position. I hope you will not suffer any prejudice (I have been passionate about politics for 10 years and it amazes me that the pedophile lobby lets you live to put it bluntly).

Well done then. It is absolutely necessary that you have support in the scientific community. I was a student in clinical psychology and psychopathology at Lyon 2. But despite an average of 14, I did not manage to enter M2.

Good road. And I hope the sequel will shake the evil power. Good continuation to you. »

SL, February 2018.

“  Hello Ariane, I have just finished your book on sexual rights. He is great. I particularly appreciated the work on language and on the psychology of power. A doctor friend has already asked me to lend him the book and I think I can get it into a few waking or waking hands. »

Gérard O., June 2018.

“Hello Ariane,

The first time I heard about sexual rights was through Professor Joyeux. From there, I never stopped learning. I really thought I was going crazy because the subject is so shocking. What shocked me the most was people's disbelief and their passivity. Then in a second time I said to myself that the subject shocked me so much that I needed to take a step back to be less affected to talk about it. And above all, I said to myself that I must first take care of myself, heal from my wounds, that's what I do. Since then, I regularly receive information from "Exist in freedom" and yours too. I don't feel ready yet to go see the headmistress and teacher of my daughter's school. Little by little, the more I change, the simpler things will be. I admire your background, admire your commitment, admire your courage. »

PL, January 2020.

“ As this book demonstrates, the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, the fight against sexual violence, the importance of protecting with strength and courage children, women and the weakest, are essential to our present and future world.

As this book demonstrates, the tendencies carried by our current world, of which “the international declaration of sexual rights” is the most perverse of emanations, are alarming. We destroy at the root the political and critical potential in each man by letting our world (the power and the institutions which represent it) decide/reveal/control the mysteries of sexuality, and thus carry the whole of the discourse and control the set of rules on the mysteries of the human.

This book, as well as the long-term work of Ariane Bilheran, analyzes the "international declaration of sexual rights" endorsed by the UN, the standards for sex education from zero years endorsed by the WHO, the national strategy for sexual health 2017-2030 carried by our ministries, the sexualization of adults in advertising, in the media, in everything we buy, pornography and voyeurism, the sexualization of children... and ordinary pedophilia.

And in his analyses, between the lines of these apparently protective institutional texts, we find all the perversion that we know perfectly well (and are in the process of understanding or even no longer accepting) on other subjects (ecology than power denigrates, climate that goes crazy, junk food that kills us, chemistry that causes cancer, tobacco, clean wars, weapons, lobbies... like so many perversions of power)!

We see what is wrong with the destruction of life! We see the links between power, politics, lobbies and destruction of the planet, of living species, of the climate...why don't we see more broadly what is happening with the destruction of children and that this book parse perfectly?

Is sexuality controlled in its most fragmented details, by our institutions, like leaving our intimacy and our imagination in the hands of power? Do we want it?!!! Because, what power, that of today! What a deviant and perverse power, which inverts, terrorizes, does not allow thinking, hides and pushes to denial, not to see, not to fight, to let things happen, to let be, to destroy. What a deviant power that no longer leaves the possibility for the new, by “educating” it down to what is most intimate and mysterious, by destroying the old structure, by not seeing only what is mysterious and flourishing, by preventing one from building oneself while dreaming.

This desire to know at all costs, to put into inclusive words all sexual practices (even the most deviant), to no longer "discriminate" between children and adults in the name of "equality" at all costs (that man-woman), to control, the most intimate thing in humans, isn't it... fou ? Isn't this AT LEAST, to be questioned? If the institutions totally control (education of children, laws, international declarations, advertising, lobbies...) the way in which sexuality should be and should not be, then they will control all the mysteries of the human being, to the point of control within himself, for dark deviant powers that love only matter and money.

In fact, this book is important. And that's all. And you have to look into it, and read it. Even if it is terrifying, to read such analyzes of our reality. »

KL-D, January 2020.

"I have several of your books, which I am reading quietly, without too much rush, and I have also received the book you referenced in your previous email, "The Sexual Rights Sham" (this one ordered at Amazon, those at FNAC).

I come today to share with you, more extensively than in my first message, my "feelings".

Your books are the fruit, and correspond to an intelligent and brilliant work, of beautiful erudition and very intuitive, with as a backdrop a real spiritual search at home...

For these reasons, your work (exhausting... and involving risks!) as a whistleblower can only contribute to shaking sleeping consciences.

I don't know if you are continuing, or have resumed your Facebook discussions, because you had expressed the wish to interrupt them, at least for a while...

Anyway, you must sometimes (often) feel very discouraged and tired, in front of the collapse, and soon the generalized collapse of this world, a major catastrophe of civilization, currently in gestation!

It is well seen by some, and I would quote Bertrand Méheust, whose writings I am well acquainted with, always equal to himself by his dazzling analyses, if not his visionary spirit...

The systematic inversion of values, the powers of money, profit and the cult of Mammon... The "rulers" do not govern, they are governed, and first of all because they themselves are crushed and flattened by the tremendous stranglehold of bankers and lobbies.

Suffice to say that the "heads of state" are not, regardless of appearances - and we know, or rather we should know what appearances are worth! - only pure puppets, who regularly make pacts with the devil.

The idiots, they opened all sorts of Pandora's boxes, it's a completely crazy locomotive that nothing can stop, and it's called... Progress!

The enslavement of peoples. Thanks also to Aldous Huxley... and René Guénon, and a few others: we can't say that we hadn't been warned, and that we didn't know it!

Otherwise, you are somewhat "rehabilitating" Papa Freud, who, as you mention, didn't just say nonsense... even if he said a lot, and a lot of it! And above all that the "Freudians", more royalist than the king, made the king say what he did not say. This is in any case what emerges from the book which you advised me to read: "The imposture of sexual rights".

The "Conspiracy Theory" is a big factory of paranoids, we see frightening... and frightening samples, by browsing a little on the conspiracy sites. It's a real horror!

But the fact remains that there are conspiracies, History is even crippled by them...

Confinement in an artificial matrix, from which it is extremely difficult to free oneself.

Like the ancient Gnostics, and the Cathars, I give credit to the idea that this world is a staggered, corrupted and disfigured copy of the Kingdom...

The Grand Fortiche, if it exists, made funny "bugs" when it created this world! You can not find ?

Also, with regard to the one who serves as "creator", I rather lean towards a highly evil demiurge, a false god, the very one who is called Yahweh: an impostor, a usurper, a falsifier, a cold and bloodthirsty, who is much more a manifestation of Satan than a true God of Love...

So yes, join the Resistance...

And for that, nothing like the Middle Way and Non-duality, so as not to fall into extremes. In fact, the very opposite of lukewarmness and guilty concessions.

And it is very difficult... but not totally impossible!

Here you go Madam, take good care of yourself, you... deserve it...


Clarisse G., January 2020.

" Good day Mrs,

I'm not an intellectual, I haven't studied, but I'm curious and I try to understand things. A friend of a friend allowed me to read your book which I just devoured with a certain ease which does not resemble me! I am stunned but unfortunately not at all surprised. I am the father of three children! Reading a passage from your book concerning the desire to put the child on the level of the adult as a being capable of deciding the law, my thoughts turned to Greta Thunberg.

I imagine the Trojan horse to make it normal in the eyes of as many people as a child can think of as an adult. We start with a subject that is currently very fashionable (ecology) then we re-transpose everything to the subject of the child's sexual maturity and his ability to decide. What do you think ?

(…) I am a child of this world but who sees the world through his job as a firefighter. I take my hat off to you for daring to say all these truths out loud. This type of crusade often requires a great personal family sacrifice that few people imagine. »

MP, January 11, 2021.

Other reviews from readers can be consultedhere >>>


« Another high quality work by this author, who shares with us her great experience of a psychic disorder much more unknown than it seems but which poisons so many relationships human resources and systems (company, administrations, etc.). Getting out of the delirium of the other and becoming aware of destructive relational modes is already a big step towards liberation and autonomy. »

Marlene D, September 2016.

“ Madame Bilheran,

I find your book simply extraordinary and I would so much like to testify to share my experience ! In particular, he helped me to acquire all the discernment necessary to understand the mechanisms of this pathology and thus make the most "enlightened" decisions possible, during this year, when my own brother "sunk", in the context of a separation with children (threats, harassment, violence, manipulation, destruction by fire, etc.), involving, despite the proven and overwhelming facts, in a contagious way, many people in our own family. Reading your book helped me resist in order to support his ex-girlfriend, "against winds and tides"... I am so grateful to you !_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_»

LT, September 2016.


« I started your bookPsychopathology of paranoiafound at Fnac. The description of the paranoid is unfortunately a species in the process of exponential development.... To read diagonally, then, piece by piece and reread in one go... I appreciate its clarity and its ease of reading for a non professional .... »

Marie C., October 2016.

“  Congratulations on your research!! I read with interest your book on paranoia!! Very clear and interesting. You make interesting links from theory to practice, and to mythology, it's really rich Ariane!! A pleasure to read despite the heavy and distressing subject…”

Julien J., November 2016.


“ I am reading your book, Psychopathology of paranoia, difficult in some places because very technical, instructive, enlightening and very well illustrated. But since then, as a criminal judge, I watch over my mental health as well as that of my colleagues and, incidentally, the paranoia of the lawyers who plead before us... Thanks to your book, for the past few weeks, I've been taking you everywhere with me. »

F., November 2016.

« Your last work on LaPsychopathology of paranoia  is in line with some of your work already noticed on harassment, authority, manipulation. I particularly appreciated your philosophical and literary contributions as well as the confrontation of paranoid psychopathology with societal and political facts and your courageous positions -which I share- on some of these "societal" facts. On this subject, your reflections follow in the footsteps of the "Narcissus" society sociologically approached by C. Nash forty years ago now.

Congratulations. »

HL, January 2017.

“  These imposters want to silence us, we live in a "modern" society governed and directed by perverts. We break our human values, and no more morals for many. The lies are so well organized... We are taken right back to chaos, accepting the bad and the bad.

Your research, your books give us indisputable proof. You are a great woman on the inside and you have great strength in your words.

Thank you Ariane, you have helped a lot of people and the truth is coming to the surface, but we know that the game is far from won...

You are in the hearts of all who love you.

Kind regards »

Armand G., January 2017.

“  This new book by Ariane Bilheran is a MAJOR book that comes at just the right time.

Do we even know that paranoia is the pathology of power par excellence?

You have to have read his previous works to measure all the path traveled by this author, in the most bitter confines of the psyche and their projections in the social world. As such, Ariane Bilheran has shown great strength of character to reach the peak of her art by presenting us here with this essay which should be a milestone. We would still have to approach her favorite subjects with the same courage as what she was able to show in order to share with us the complex phenomena that she depicts in her work. Because it is indeed a work that Ariane Bilheran built little by little who, like Hannah Arendt, did not hesitate to delve into the origins of evil to describe its various workings with precision. Reading this essay could lead us to think that in the end, evil is not so trivial as that. However, the work of Ariane Bilheran is perfectly in line with that of Hannah Arendt, because both have been able to take a double look at this issue. Having philosophy as a common basis, the approach to evil is rather sociological, for the latter, while that of Ariane Bilheran is guided by her training in clinical psychology.

This “gift of double sight”, like the god Janus with two faces capable of seeing the past and reading the future, is certainly a remarkable asset for these authors; on the one hand, it allows them to make complex notions accessible to as many people as possible to help us represent the figure of evil, on the other hand it makes a link with our common history and, in this sense, the work of Ariane Bilheran is a work of public utility with undeniable therapeutic virtues since it connects by representation (symbolizes,symbolus, symbolom: “sign of recognition”) what the devil releases (demonizes,diabolos,diaballo: "to disunite, to slander").

Hence the relevance and extreme importance of understanding the content of this book in these times, because today we are all affected by the issues studied by Ariane Bilheran and, for our own salvation, we have no no other choice but to become aware of it and to get out of the denial that the paranoid system imposes on us. It's a question of survival !

Beyond the many references and other particularly illuminating examples that feed this essay, let us note the distinction that Ariane Bilheran communicates to us between the paranoid and a profile that today makes the success of a certain press using this diagnosis, O how delicate , like a new chestnut tree while perverting its use : this is the narcissistic pervert. Let us recall in this connection that the discovery of narcissistic perversion by P.-C. Racamier was made thanks to his research on paranoia (seeThe genius of origins: psychoanalysis and psychoses). It can't be invented! »

Marc L., September 2017.

“ Hello. I just want to thank you for your work, your newsletter, your paranoia book. It helps me a lot. I look forward to the article promised in the next letter. »

Renée A., February 2018.


« I devourPsychopathology of paranoia. »


Alix E., February 2018.

« Good evening Mrs. Bilheran, I boughtPsychopathology of paranoia, this book is perfect!

Lila F., March 2018.

“  This paranoia book is vital for all who are destroyed by this process ! ”

Armand L., December 2018.

“ Continue the information, congratulations and thank you again!!!

Thank you and a word to tell you that the book on paranoid people is great. »

PR, June 2019.

"  Hello, I would like to contact you to congratulate you on one of your books,Psychopathology of paranoia. I am a psychiatrist and sexologist and I am the daughter of a paranoiac, thank you for your book which confirms many things that I thought. »

Marie S., September 2019.

“Madam Bilheran,

I find your book simply extraordinary and I would so much like to testify to share my experience! In particular, he helped me to acquire all the discernment necessary to understand the mechanisms of this pathology and thus make the most "enlightened" decisions possible, during this year, when my own brother "sunk", in the context of a separation with children (threats, harassment, violence, manipulation, destruction by fire, etc.), involving, despite the proven and overwhelming facts, in a contagious way, many people from our own family. Reading your book helped me resist in order to support his ex-girlfriend, "against winds and tides"...  I am so grateful to you! »

Élise R., November 2019.


"Hello, after some research, I came across Ariane Bilheran's article and book on thepsychopathology of paranoia. This work was a real revelation for me. »


Patricia S., December 2019.

“ I am a psychotherapist. I have carefully read your bookPsychopathology of paranoia

The current crisis has led me to some thoughts that I wanted to submit to you.

The conception of disease as aggression by pathogenic agents coming from the outside is a fundamentally paranoid conception of health: we project onto the outside while the problem comes essentially from the inside (general and immune state of people / harmonization of man with his environment…). 

We make " virus ", which are part of the living, mortal enemies. 

In this crisis, it is striking to note that no media is talking about immunity and that measures are being taken that clearly weaken the organisms (confinement, exacerbation of fears, etc.). 

It is the whole conception of health and illness that is questioned.

If I am not mistaken, Freud equated religion with a collective delirium. Today, God has been replaced by a kind of satanic religion that places the omnipotence of the ego at the top. 

Dans cette « religion » la foi aveugle dans la « science » et notamment la «_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_vaccinologie » occupies a central place. The vaccine is the new deity who has come to save humanity from demonic viruses. 

It's pure madness, an absolute aberration in my eyes, nonsense (… and I'm not talking about the diabolical projects attributed to B. Gates & co with vaccines…)._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Thanks again for your work. Be well. »

TY, February 2020.


“ I read your bookBe solarwith great attention and I find this book nourishing, energizing, it invites courage to be, to find and keep this light so powerful and so fragile also in oneself.

It really comforts me and I thank you for it. »

Sonia, October 18, 2015.


"Be solarrightly invites us to regain self-respect in order to attract caring people to ourselves. Ariane Bilheran, through her clairvoyant thinking, pursues only one goal: our inner peace and our fulfilment. Beyond her skills as a clinical psychologist, philosopher and writer, she is, without a doubt, a solar presence... »


LG, October 2015


“  You look like what you write, I think.Solar, bubbly (seen one of your conferences on the net around the family - vast subject -). You have a way of making things so clear, of lifting veils, of handing us shards of mirrors… There is a beautiful story with tarot cards and the Popess (who has a veiled face). It symbolizes reflection, retirement, wisdom. One day, the madman finds himself in front of the Popess and lifts her veil. And the face he discovered was his. (...)


And I really like your diversity of backgrounds, you have to learn a lot of things and how you are a “transmitter of light”. Your book Be Solar marked a milestone in my life. Like a little lantern.

And I also really liked the references to mythology, to fairy tales, and that you quoted an extract fromDialogues with the Angelby Gitta M. Very nice day to you and again a thousand thanks for your book which has become a traveling companion that I keep preciously close to me. »

Sonia H., December 2015

“ I am reading your bookBe Solar !I love ! »

Franck G., February 2016

“ Thank you for everything, I read your bookBe Solarwho helped me a lot to change certain attitudes that were rooted in me and that did not let me move forward in my life. Thank you. I wish you good luck. »

Antoine L., June 216


“ Hello Madam,

Your bookBe solaris an amazing discovery for me and of great significance.

At 80, I am very happy that it exists - and I thank you a lot. He comforts me. It develops so well  this mystery of the unity of body and soul  that after a first reading, I take it up almost word for word - pour_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ that nothing escapes me from your book and the work that I still have to do. The companion of my life was one of his rare presences, and your book should help me tend towards his likeness. »

Lucie K., September 2016


« I discovered you with your bookBe solarand while researching your writings, I sawyour work on sexual rights, I hastened to buy your book, thinking that it might be censored. »


“  Thank you for your work and your courage! I tried to sow seeds around me, sometimes it takes, but often it's total misunderstanding. I find it hard not to give in to anger when I see all these people swallowing the lies of power. »

AJ, April 2017


“ Hello, Madam! After reading your article onthe slave and the masterat the end of August, I really wanted to read your bookBe solarand I read it. He is very very good! For me, it is very high level and your book reminded me of Roland Gori'sDo you have to give up freedom to be happy?, where he asks questions about current psychology, norms etc. using philosophical analysis, but you have taken psychology to the next level and even more heartfelt level for me: you are accepting and encouraging others to accept themselves as spiritual beings. You have brought me a lot of Light. By reading your book, I had the impression that you were talking to me and that you knew me and I myself still learned things about myself (I took the time to read it, it made me feel so good and made me think after almost every paragraph). Thank you very much for your Light! I would really like you to know that your psychological (= soul) work does me a lot of good! Thank you for your presence through your books and articles! »

Irina D., October 15, 2020

" I just finished "Be sunny!" and thank you for this book. It is a marvel to radiate well. I have many books from you and each has allowed me to be a little more enlightened. Thank you for all your works. »

EL, November 11, 2020

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