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Guestbook: workshops

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“Thank you for all these texts.
Tomorrow's program is 4 stars.
Something has changed in me since the beginning, I feel more grounded, safe. »

February 2021.

“So much happiness in the sense that I feel how precious it is for me to feel connected with you, and with the members of the workshop groups.
It has considerably changed my daily life, these workshops, quite simply: a framework for reflection, regular meetings, documents to study, as if I
I was going to a school, and the prospect of meeting again, in a short time.”

February 2021.

“Thank you for these workshops which brought me a lot, like other participants there is information that I still have to “digest”. Sometimes the concepts discussed were already known to me but without me making the relevant links, for example concerning defense mechanisms. I have been surprised many times at my inability to convince others with rational arguments and the presentation of proven or official facts. Now I wonder at my wonder. It allows me to be more empathetic and less angry (which was not at the person but at the situation and my inability). There are still other things that I am not yet able to verbalize clearly (also due to daytime fatigue).
Thank you again, I continue the adventure.

February 2021.

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