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The Imposture of sexual rights

Updated: 5 days ago

Parution en anglais du livre du Dr Ariane Bilheran L'Imposture des droits sexuels !

The “sexual rights” are a new ideology’s trend, carried by various international authorities regarding health, specifically the health of minors. In this radical essay, Ariane Bilheran proposes, without exhaustiveness, an analysis of the already existing drifts in France, through “the education of sexuality”, as well as a literal study of numerous passages of the “Declaration of sexual rights” that supports such a pedophile ideology, under the cover of fighting gay rights, women’s rights and health rights.

As a philosopher and psychologist, she demonstrates, in the lineage of her work deepened on the psychology of power, how perversion is always the adjuvant of paranoia in the advent of totalitarianism. She here deciphers the perverse mechanisms which contribute to the implementation of this “New World Order” through the sexual transgression of children and teenagers.

When crazy people are in power, they impose their delusion, based on a delusional contagion that we need to identify to protect ourselves from it. They destroy the children and persecute the ones that are sane.

Forewords of Pr. Judith Reisman and Dr. Regis Brunod.

Ariane Bilheran is a French psychologist and philosopher, former student of the Ecole Normale Supérieure (Ulm, Paris) with a triple major in classical letters, philosophy and psychology. Doctor in psychopathology, former university teacher, she has pub-lished more than thirty books and as many articles on the theme of the psychology of power and its deviances (manipulation, harass-ment, authority, resumption of personal power), analyzing totalitari-anism from the angle of paranoia, with a double gaze of philosopher and psychologist. Her approach to psychology is not segmented, since with her training and experience she is specialized in childhood, adult, family and business.After more than ten years of consulting and auditing in companies, particularly through investigation of complaints of harassment, she continues her work of clinical consultations all over the world, via internet, and gives conferences and seminars in France, Canada and South America on these issues.

This book is the 5th edition.

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