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Grand jury (EN) - February 2022

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Ariane Bilheran’s expertise Presented to the Grand Jury of the Corona 19 committee - February 19, 2022 - The Court of Public opinion

My name is Ariane Bilheran, from France. I have four masters, in classical letters, philosophy of moral and politic, clinical psychology and psychopathology, on psychosis in particular. I have a doctorate in psychopathology. I am specialized in the study of manipulation, deviance of power, perversion, paranoia, harassment, and totalitarianism, among others. I have taught for several years at the University in France. I have been an auditor and investigator for companies, but also an expert for courts in cases of harassment at work. I have published many books on these subjects, some of which have been translated into languages other than French.

In the situation we are dealing with, my expertise allows me to say that we are dealing with a totalitarian drift. This is a totalitarian drift from the point of view of political philosophy, but also from the point of view of psychopathology, which corresponds to a collective delusion, the paranoiac delusion. Paranoia is a contagious psychosis, whose masterpiece is harassment, and which functions according to the following structure: a visible or invisible (imaginary) enemy persecutes us, we must go to war against this enemy, and this justifies the use of harassment, and all means are permitted. It is a delusion of persecution that leads to acting out. The intention to harm is nevertheless safeguarded, which is why I have in the past spoken out of the need for criminal convictions of paranoiac profiles, which are in the majority of cases at work in harassment. In the totalitarian system, the content of the delusion may change (for example, who is the designated enemy), but the structure remains the same, the one I just told you.

  • First Point: My diagnosis: Harassment used against populations, with terrible consequences on the mental health of individuals

  • Secund Point - Psychological profiles of harassers

  • Third point - The whole picture is a totalitarian drift.

  • Conclusion

  • Addenda - Profiles that resist sectarian/cult recruitment

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